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Seventeen lucky souls hailing from all over London descended upon this quirky but welcoming cafe in the Brick Lane area and had the chance to experience dining without cutlery 外汇交易平台 and plates, Filipino style. The numbers could’ve been more, of course, but the atmosphere on the night was no less than exciting in anticipation of trying something different.

Guests tucked in straight away with the food laid on the banana leaves atop one long table. I had to provide a quick demonstration of the typical “pick, pack, push” method of eating with only your hands. But with the smell of the delicious food beckoning, I’m sure any method had worked!

At some point while everyone was eating, we soon realised that we forgot to serve bagoong, which is shrimp paste. We didn’t mix it with the ensaladang mangga (mango salad) as we weren’t really sure how people would take it. Turns out, they loved it!

Towards the end of the evening, Chef Jojo took his deserved acclaim for the scrummy food. I’m sure we’ll be seeing and tasting more from him!

Team maynila had a chance to enjoy the food as well before we cleared out. We also invited Ruth, the owner of , to join us, which she happily obliged and, with her permission, she let us use her quote

Can’t stop eating!

to describe her own experience of Filipino kamayan.

We really didn’t ask our guests to identify which dish was their favourite although some did mention it in their comments. Based on my own observations, the favourites were between the fried tilapia and the shrimp paste with everything!

Here are photos and a short video clip of our happy guests in action.

And here are the comments we received. Thank you to everyone who came and hope to see you soon at the next maynila event!

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